weekly blog post 1000 words for business

Weekly Blog Post 1000 Words For Business. If 500 words of blog post content written every week is a benefit to your business, then 1000 words will be worth double or even triple the benefit. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a strongly crafted message of a thousand words can get readers to take action where a picture may not. If you're serious about creating an online presence, then you need to make sure that you are producing quality material on a consistent basis, whether that be blog posts, social media content, videos or podcasts. A weekly blog post that delves into some aspect of your business, industry or customer desires is more valuable than you might imagine. Not only can the post itself create the desired effect you want, but once it's written, it can form the basis of other content. For example, having the post used as the basis for the creation of a video or podcast means that you are taking one piece of content and re-purposing it into another that can be used somewhere else on your website or social profiles. This is the basis of good content creation and one that is often over-looked by business. You don't always have to create lots of original content. You can take existing content and simply change the form that it is in and make it something altogether new and exciting. Blog posts are the best type of content to be re-purposed because it's easy to simply read words off a page and turn it into a podcast for example, or copy and paste the words and turn them into slides for a powerpoint that can be used as the basis for a video. Just add the audio component and you're done. This can be done quickly and cheaply and can add massively to your online exposure. To begin with however, your blog content needs to be good. You can't just leave this to chance. You need to hire specialists who know what they are doing and can write the best, most appropriate content for your industry so that you get the right audience, not just any audience. You want people who will ultimately become customers, not tire-kickers. Get 1000 words of blog post content created every week and you will soon see more traffic coming to your website.

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